Self Service Laundry In Melbourne

My Beautiful Laundrette Facilities

Our machines

My Beautiful Laundrette in Fitzroy offers four sizes of high quality commercial coin operated washing machines as well as a large number of tumble dryers as Melbourne’s cheapest laundry prices.  We are big and can cater for up to 20 people washing simultaneously. 

We guarantee hot water on demand use finely filtered water. Our Laundromat is well known for its quality washing without the hassle of waiting for hours as we have sufficient number of machines to cater to the needs in a safe and clean environment.

Location, location, location

Our iconic laundry in Fitzroy is in what believe to be in one of the best suburbs in Melbourne to just walk around and enjoy!  Come down for some washing and hang around, we have two choices of great cafes next door to us and so much to see and up and down the street. 

Why make the laundry day a boring day stuck in the house?  Come down and get it all done in less than an hour with us and enjoy a day out of the house!

Our Laundromat is located right on Tram stop 14 (no. 11 Tram) for the convenience of those who are a little further away.

Our facilities

Our Laundry is really well lit with high efficiency LEDs, we pride ourselves on being one of the cleanest laundrettes you will ever use and are mindful of our customer’s safety and security with multiple cameras operating with live stream 24/7 both inside and outside the building. 

We also provide plenty of seating, folding tables as well as washing liquid, coffee and snack vending.  We also have the most eclectic and interesting mix of music playing for your enjoyment all day long.  We also have a change machine that can break notes and coins.

Water Policy

Purity – All water used in our laundrette is passed through the finest grade filters removing impurities ensuring the cleanest possible water for best washing results.

Hot Water – We guarantee that hot water is always available even during the busiest times of laundry operation.